Independent Renumeration Panel Notice 2021/2022

Posted on 29th September, 2020 in News

Haydon Wick Council Members’ Allowances 2021-2022

The Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) England Regulations 2003 state that:

Parish Councils may choose to pay their members an allowance, known as a ‘parish basic allowance’, to recognise the time and effort they put into their parish duties.  There is no obligation on the parish and town council to a pay such allowance. However, if a parish or town council wishes to pay such allowances, it should have regard to the recommendations from Swindon’s Independent Parish Remuneration Panel.

Swindon Borough Council appointed an Independent Remuneration Panel and they reviewed the issues of allowances for parish and town councils within Swindon.  The Panel has determined that it will use a formula (based on a percentage of the Borough Council’s Basic Allowance and electoral populations) to create a single recommendation in the form of a scale of allowances that can be applied to all parish and town councils in the Borough.  This scale is linked to any increase in Borough Council allowances which avoids the necessity of undertaking a review of parish allowances when the Borough Council’s levels of remuneration change.  The Panel last reviewed this formula at its meeting on 12 June 2015 in order to ensure its continuing relevance and appropriateness.  It concluded that the Panel’s previously adopted recommendations for parish and town council allowances be endorsed.

Recommendations for the 2021-2022 Municipal Year

Swindon’s Independent Remuneration Panel recommended Haydon Wick’s Councillor allowances for 21-22 be:

£1,757 Per Elected Member
£5,272 for the Chair
Cost approximately £35,141 per annum.


Haydon Wick Councillors are CURRENTLY paid:

£884 Per Elected Member
£1,643 for the Chair
Cost approximately £16,674.46 per annum.

As such, if Haydon Wick adopted SBC’s recommended allowance scheme this would represent an increase of 116.10%.


Haydon Wick’s Renumeration Decision

In August 2019 Haydon Wick’s Parish Councillor considered the Independent Remuneration Panel’s recommendations and unanimously agreed to decline SBC’s recommendations in favour of retaining their existing arrangement which is for any increase to be consistent with its own staff pay increases. The Council decided at the Full Council meeting on 22nd September 2020 that the decision remains the same as last year, to decline SBC’s recommendations.

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