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Supply and Installation of Safety Surfacing at King George V Field Play Area 

The Council is currently seeking to appoint an experienced and qualified contractor to reinstall the safety surface of the King George V Play Area, Haydon Wick. The play area is nestled in a green open space and has two play areas within its vicinity; a toddler park which is in need of repairs to existing surface and the main separate park within the same grounds, aimed at older children. In the main park we require the existing surfaced to be removed and replaced with a rubber wet pour surface.

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Clarification Questions and Answers (Updated 12/10/2020)

Q) The portal mentions a budget of £30000.00, but the document mentions £45000.00. Is it £45000.00 that we should work to?
A) We would like to work to the £45,000.00 margin. I believe the portal has put £30,000.00 which does not match our documents, unsure if this is an automated amount, will check the portal and amend if necessary.

Q) Toddler area: could you clarify whether this area just needs repairs (as stated in 2.1) or whether we should be replacing in its entirety (as suggested in 2.3)?
A) The subbase has come away from the edges of the surface and needs to be completely resurfaced please.

Q) Subbase. Item 2.2. Could you clarify, are we to allow for a terram (geotextile membrane) + 50mm depth aggregate? The wording mentions 2 depths of subbase: 40mm and 50mm.
A) Yes please, to include the membrane and the 50mm depth aggregate as a minimum.

Q) What colours would you prefer?
A) Within the tender document we have suggested that suppliers can be innovative when it comes to the colours and graphics, it would be nice to keep in line with the local surroundings, so nothing too wacky.

Q) Would you consider rubber mulch?
A) It is preferred to have wet pour, as not keen on the overall finish and feel of wet pour, plus these cannot be used under swing units other equipment so would look patchy.

Q) Would you like to keep the existing pathway between the two parks?
A) Yes please, we are unsure if eventually we will have DDA equipment here in which case the path from the gate and all the way through the path will have to be reviewed. At this stage we are looking for the wet pour only. If you could itemise the price and maybe give us the option with a rubber mulch footpath being put in between the new play parks, then we can consider further when reviewing the documents.

Q) When are you looking for the works to be completed?
A) In the winter months if possible, we understand the issues with the weather and ground conditions plus due to the open green space we would want to minimise any damage to the verges. It is hoped the project could be done in February as per the tender, although if it is completed before the new financial year (April) that would be fine.

Q) Will the play area remain locked during the works? This would cut down on herrace fencing costs…?
A) It is likely that the park will remain closed during the works as there is a lot of footfall traffic from the local school and during the winter months the play area closes anyway. It would make the most sense to be closed for refurbishment and the area is secure.

Q) Are there any nearby welfare facilities?
A) The Depot with a porta loo is across the road and we have the Council Offices for hot water/microwave/toilets etc. It would probably be more convenient on site to have a porta loo.

Q) You mention that any grass damage would have to be reinstated. Due to the works being proposed for February it is likely there may be some ground damage?
A) We are expecting some damage, and for the damage to be reported and repaired. The area is a lovely green open space so if possible, we would want any damage to a minimum. IE using the same track lines rather than creating several. Damage should be reported as it occurs and followed up – even when the weather gets better up to a few days / week later – to reinstate.  








  1. Q) Any joins in wet pour could become a weakness, have you considered the option of not having a concrete edge and running the wet pour right up to the grass edge?
  2. A) This has not been considered or suggested, please itemise both costs as options for us to consider when reviewing your documents.



  1. Q) Would you require a full muck away or would you be interested in creating mounds which would be in keeping with the rest of the surroundings. Creating mounds would cut down on costs…
  2. A) This sounds like a good idea and could look effective, also would reduce costs which would certainly help our budget stretch further.


Q) In terms of budget, do you have to spend the full £45k or if it comes in cheaper will the quotes be accepted?
A) Requests for quotes came back approx. £45,000 which is the basis on which we created our Invitation to Tender and we will accept quotes lower than full amount.