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Message from Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Wiltshire and Swindon, Angus Macpherson:

Message from Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Wiltshire and Swindon, Angus Macpherson: 1920 1200 Haydon Wick

I’m asking all residents to support a £15 per household, a year, rise on a band D property in the policing part of council tax for 2021/22. This equates to an extra £1.25 a month and means that we will be able to support the recruitment of 46 additional officers for Wiltshire in 2021/22 and maintain essential services.

I know that in normal times an increase in contributions will be felt by our communities but after this year, I realise this increase will be felt more keenly than ever before. The decision to ask for your support for a £15 per year increase has been a difficult one – and one that I would not make if there was an alternative.

Whatever your opinion, I would encourage you to fill out the survey. It is only by making sure your voice is heard that I can truly understand the views of local people –

New Year and a new look for Haydon Wick Parish Council

New Year and a new look for Haydon Wick Parish Council 1920 1200 Haydon Wick

Haydon Wick Parish Council has certainly adopted the tradition of ‘New Year, New You’ for 2021, and is excited to announce the unveiling of a new website, and new brand.

The self-improvement journey began in June 2019 when the Council recognised that some work was needed to ensure the website complied with local authority accessibility regulation updates, along with sector transparency requirements. Haydon Wick Parish Council went on to approve and publish a budget and project scope for a website redesign and rebrand, that would create an accessible, functional, resilient, and representative website to support and depict the community into the future.

In August 2020, an extensive tendering exercise and robust evaluation process took place. Parish Councillors, the IT Working Party Group and Council Officers worked alongside local marketing and branding agency Clearwater to create a website that is user friendly, and most importantly, inclusive for all residents and visitors.

The website is at the heart of the new design strategy and reflects the Council’s vision. The user-centred platform is designed to engage and grow key audiences, and improve communication, enabling residents to make contact and access information easily.

As part of the project, it was identified that the Council’s brand required some redevelopment. A new brand was designed to reflect what the Council is, what it does for the community, what the community can expect from the Council, and who it represents.  This process involved branding exercises with Councillors, working party groups and Officers. Key values and objectives of the Council were identified and are reflected in the both the new brand and the website.

It is hoped that this brand and website redevelopment is more appropriate and relatable for the current Haydon Wick community environment for many years to come.

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