Memorial Bench


Price for 1500mm bench £645
Price for 1200mm bench £698
Engraving £49
Bolt down kit £12
Bolt down kit for hardstanding £229
Delivery to council offices £105
Storage, materials and installation £150
Maintenance for 5-years £500

Memorial Bench Policy

Haydon Wick Parish Council will consider fully all requests for memorial benches.

Requests will be accommodated wherever possible, at a site determined by the Parish Council in consultation with the applicant/donor. A bench will be selected in consultation with the applicant, of a type and standard approved by the Parish Council.

  • Benches will be purchased by the Parish Council from their approved supplier in consultation with the applicant.
  • The applicant should ensure at all times that the Chief Officer is in possession of current contact details. It is important that we are able to contact you, or the future of the bench could be uncertain.
  • Benches will be of the type and colour agreed with the Council to be in keeping with the intended location.
  • All benches should be paid for by the applicant before the bench is ordered from the approved supplier. The Council will charge a maintenance and insurance fee of £100 per year over a 5-year period to be paid before the completion of the installation.
  • Where appropriate the bench will be fitted to a slabbed area under and directly in front of the bench to allow for ease of use by the public.
  • Memorial plaques fitted to benches must be provided by the bench supplier. Wording for the customisable stainless steel memorial plaque will be provided to the Council before the bench is ordered. The inscription must be agreed with the Council.
  • No additional mementoes e.g. vases, statues, flowers, wreaths, balloons or other ornamentation etc., shall be permitted on or around the bench.
  • The Council accepts no liability for damage to any benches from vandalism, third parties or whilst the Council carries out routine maintenance around the bench.
  • The Council reserves the right to remove any memorial benches that have been damaged and deemed by the Parish Council to be beyond economical repair.
  • The Council will maintain the bench in line with the current maintenance regime for benches.
  • The Council accepts no replacement liability for the plaque or the bench at the end of its useful life. Any replacements of benches or plaques will be the responsibility of the original applicant.
  • Any maintenance carried out by a third party will be in strict agreement with the Council and by appointment only.

For more information or to request a Memorial Bench installation please contact

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