Open Spaces & Parkland

Haydon Wick Parish Council’s strategy is to protect the small amount of open space left in the Parish.  The Council manages a number of open spaces in the parish including King George Playing Field (behind the Fox and Hounds pub), Trent Road Playing Field in Greenmeadow,(behind the Shield and Dagger pub) and Clary Road Field on Haydonleigh Drive.

The Council encourages sport and leisure and youth football teams. Enquiries for further use by local community groups are welcomed.

There are three important areas of parkland within the Parish:

Development of Wildflower Areas

The Council is currently trialing the creation of wildflower areas in four locations across the Parish.

Two of the areas, namely Hyssop Close and Henchard – Maybold Crescent, were left fallow last season. This means that the area was left uncut during our mowing schedule until the end of the growing season to develop naturally. Hyssop Close saw some fantastic displays of ox-eyed daisies, speedwell, yarrow, birds foot trefoil and pyramidal orchid. It is thought that the area developed so well because it has not been interrupted by housing developers and has been left in its natural form. There was not much to report at Henchard – Maybold Crescent, but it can take several years to see results.

Due to the pandemic, there was a delay in cultivating the other two locations, namely Old Blunsdon Road and a small area outside Catherine Wayte Primary School back in March 2020. However, the areas were cultivated at the end of the growing season in October 2020 so the Council hopes that there will be displays of wildflowers by Summer 2022.

Please be assured that if any of the trial areas are not working, the Council will revert back to mowing the area. If you have any concerns about this area, please contact us.

It is hoped this project will develop into a longer-term environmental strategy identifying green spaces that we maintain which can be developed into wildflower havens for the benefit of the local wildlife and for the enjoyment of residents.

Benefits of wildflower planting:

  • Plant diversity attracts insects and other invertebrates (including butterflies, bees, spiders and millipedes), birds and mammals.
  • Flowering species add a changing palate of colour to the urban environment throughout the seasons.
  • Active involvement of the local community in managing the site encourages ownership values to be fostered – activities may range from mowing to the collection of seeds for use at a new location or for sale.
  • Opportunities for education and recreation abound (ranging from nature studies to art lessons).
  • Even small plots of wildflower planting can change the feel of a setting, so that the creation of a wildflower meadow as part of an urban greenspace can bring a little piece of countryside into the town.

Bulb Planting

“The Haydon Wick Parish Council has been busy enhancing the open spaces of the Parish, and boosting the mood of the community.”…..

In November 2020 the Parks and Open Spaces Team, Councillors and volunteers came together to plant over 5,500 bulbs in the Parish. The primary aims of this project is to enhance the open spaces of the Parish, and boost the mood of the community.

Narcissi Paperwhite, Snowdrop Galanthus Nivalis and mixed Crocuses have been planted across the Parish, which will provide a changing display of colour, height and flowering times from December through to March.

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