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The Council annually sets a grants budget in order to provide financial assistance to a range of organisations, projects and activities which provide services for local residents. Requests are received from voluntary groups, charitable and community organisations. Any applicants for funding must meet the criteria set out in the policy.

Any grant agreed is discretionary funding and as such is separate from any other services which the Council may fund under contract to fulfil statutory obligations or the delegated works of any of its Committees.

In the event of the Council receiving more requests for funding, in any one financial year, than there are budgeted resources available, it will fund only those to which it assigns the highest priority.

To qualify for an award the applicant must be able to demonstrate that any funding received will benefit the Parish, or residents of the Parish (a number, or percentage, should be stated in the application)

Grant applications are dealt with by the Grants Working Party and reported to the Policy & Finance Committee for confirmation of any recommended award.

Applications are invited for funding from not for profit organisations with a constitution and a bank account with at least two signatories.

Grant application deadlines are 31 May, 30 September and 31 January.

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Examples of accepted applications

  • For the purpose of purchasing equipment either in part or in full
  • For the funding of transport that will enable group members to partake in a group trip or outing regardless of their incomes
  • For training activities, or to purchase the expertise of an outside trainer/ instructor/ facilitator
  • For activities that raise the profile of the area
  • For running costs of a viable group that is experiencing a period of hardship
  • For hosting special events or celebrations
  • For the provision of recreational facilities


  • Grants will not be awarded to individuals
  • Additional applications within a 12 month period will not normally be considered
  • The award must be used for the purpose for which the application was made
  • If the group is unable to use the award for the stated purpose, all monies must be returned to Haydon Wick Parish Council
  • All awards must be properly accounted for and evidence of expenditure should be supplied as requested. If the Council is not satisfied with the arrangements, they reserve the right to request a refund of monies awarded

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