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The first mention of the Parish is in the Inquisition (a method in the 15th century of managing inheritance) which was held in the city of New Sarum on 26th July 1626. This dealt with the estate of Edmund Milles who farmed 130 acres in Heyden Weeke. In 1771 a list of residents (Rodborn Cheney) are eligible to serve on the Jury for the Michaelmas Sitting in Haidon and Morden. There were 33 eligible residents of which one was Richard Titcomb – a common family name locally even today.

In the 1851 census there is a detailed appraisal of those who lived in Haydon Wick. There were 288 residents and the jobs listed paint a fascinating picture. There are at least 12 farmers, a shoemaker, a blacksmith, a mason, a basket maker two or three dairy servants and domestic servants, and one or two pauper. But 50% or more residents were agricultural workers, and there was a smattering of railway labourers who presumably walked the 3½ miles into the Swindon Works, there and back each day.

In 1870 John Wilson’s Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales, described Haydon as a ‘tything in Rodborn Cheney Parish, Wilts 4¼ miles north west of Swindon with a population of 367’. In 1900 Henry J Hacker was listed as the British Postal Services appointee from Haydon Wick.

In 1928 the parish of Haydon Wick was established.  Prior to that it was part of the parish of Rodbourne Cheney.  Haydon Wick was tiny small hamlet with houses in the High Street and farms with surrounding fields and roads were only dirt and shale tracks. There used to be a farm where the old Haydon Wick School is now situated. All farms are now subsumed under roads, gardens and people’s houses although farms houses in some cases have been preserved… Haydon Farm, Brook Farm, Tanners Farm, Haydon End Farm, Guernsey Farm and Manor Farm. Much of the parish falls within the Priory Vale development, the North Swindon District Centre which includes the Asda Walmart.

What Our Community Say

As a resident of the Parish, it’s great to see some of the work you guys are doing in the community. Keep the good work up!

Craig Duff - Resident

As a volunteer litter picker, I have seen, first hand, the tremendous work that the Parish Council of Haydon Wick do to make living in the area such a pleasure.

They have also been a key partner and supporter in the introduction of Swindon’s second parkrun within the area, and I am proud to be involved with them on this project.

Phil Jefferies - Volunteer

I have really enjoyed working with Haydon Wick Parish Council in the last few years, and I have found them to be very community orientated, and they truly take care for their parishioners, whatever age.

One of the community art work projects I was involved with was the 100 year anniversary WW1 external building hoarding art works. The project created a very positive reaction, especially on social media. This year I also completed a banner for Remembrance Day, that became part of a Parish Council exhibition. I often wish I lived in the Parish when I see the pensioner presents lined up at Christmas. Well done everyone, you are a credit to the Parish!

Marilyn Trew - Community Artist

To everyone at Haydon Wick Parish Council, I would like to thank you for the Christmas Parcel which, as always, was full of useful items. Also, an opportunity to thank you for organising volunteers for those of us shielding during lockdown. I was immensely grateful to have hospital prescriptions delivered to the pharmacy and to have letters and cards taken to the post box. My request for help was always dealt with quickly, with cheerfulness and, on one occasion in very heavy rain! Haydon Wick is a lovely place to live.

Audrey - Christmas Parcel Recipient

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