Business Continuity – COVID-19

Business Continuity – COVID-19

Business Continuity – COVID-19 150 150 Haydon Wick Admin

As the Coronavirus threat continues to evolve, the Parish Council made following decisions last night to enable business to continue as effectively as possible given the unprecedented circumstances:

  1. The Parks & Open Spaces Team will continue to function prioritising our critical services: emptying bins, graffiti removal, health & safety of our park and, where resourcing allows, we will continue with the general maintenance of our parks.
  2. All meetings of the Council to be cancelled until the end of April.
  3. Our Community Bus Service will be cancelled until the end of April. Our users will be personally contacted to check on their welfare and, if requested, put in touch with someone who can assist them #viralkindness .
  4. All venue hire will be cancelled until the end of April.
  5. The Parish Council Office will be closed to all visitors until further notice. Residents will be encouraged to make conduct remotely.
  6. The Annual Parish Meeting due to be held on the 31st March will be rescheduled. A virtual meeting will take place on Facebook #HWPCgoesvirtual
  7. The Easter Egg Hunt across all 24 play parks between 4th April – 12th April will continue as planned.
  8. The VE Event due to be held on the 8th May will be postponed to VJ Day on 15th August 2020.
  9. Our three Leisure Gardens (Allotments sites) will remain open with no operational changes.
  10. Urgent decisions and payments to maintain uninterrupted services will be delegated to the Clerk and two Councillors to ensure ongoing transparency.
  11. Planning applications and any other Council business to be conducted remotely where possible.


For any queries concerning these changes or any issues to be raised with the Council please contact the clerk –


Georgina Morgan-Denn or call 01793 722446.

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