Councillor allowances 2020/21

Councillor allowances 2020/21

Councillor allowances 2020/21 150 150 Haydon Wick Admin

Councils may choose to pay their members an allowance, known as a ‘parish basic allowance’, to recognise the time and effort they put into their parish duties and to reimburse them for out of pocket expenses.

The last review of these allowance was undertaken by an Independent Remuneration Panel in June 2015, so Swindon Borough Council (SBC) decided it was time to undertake another review.  This latest review concluded that the previously adopted recommendations for parish and town council allowances should be endorsed and applied by all parish and town councils in the Borough.

Their recommendation for Haydon Wick’s Councillor allowance for the municipal year 2020-21 was £1,719 p.a. per elected member and £5,131 p.a. for the Chair.  The total cost would be approximately £34,200 p.a.

Currently, Haydon Wick Councillors receive £861 p.a. per elected member and £1,600 p.a. for the Chair, amounting to approximately £17,100 p.a.  Should the Parish adopt SBC’s recommendation, this would result in more than a 200% increase.

At its August 2019 Full Council meeting, Haydon Wick members considered SBC’s recommendation and agreed to decline the recommendation of the Panel and to keep to the Council’s existing arrangement – that any increases are consistent with its own staff pay increases per annum.


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