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Council sets budget to enhance open spaces management and community development programmes

Council sets budget to enhance open spaces management and community development programmes 1900 1200 Caroline Hunt

Council sets budget to enhance open spaces management and community development programmes

Haydon Wick Parish Council has created a considered, balanced, and careful budget which puts community’s needs at the forefront.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent increased community use of the 24 parks and green open spaces within the parish has helped to shape the direction of budget setting. Recognising the mental and physical wellbeing these outside spaces provide for residents, the Council has committed to improved maintenance, enhancements and effective management of the playparks, allotments, and open spaces.

Building on a successful year which saw the refurbishment and opening of the skatepark and two large-scale complete refurbishments of accessible playparks, the Council has committed to ensuring employee training, equipment, and a new Grounds Maintenance Facility will enhance operational efficiency. It is hoped that the continued investment in the play parks and open spaces of Haydon Wick will offer residents the opportunity to maximise the health benefits for generations to come.

Chairman Councillor Vinay Manro said:

“We continue to improve our community activities, such as with the introduction of a Memory Café, a popular youth development programme and mental health provision. This year we will also see more events taking place to encourage all generations of our community to move towards a life without restrictions. Going forward we want to continue to support all our residents and we have carefully considered the cost of future activities when setting the budget and precept this year.

The budget has arrived from Councillors, who have asked and listened to residents, our Officers and robustly scrutinised by all members of the Council. To deliver everything the Council want to achieve, it was important to create a budget, which not only took account of the aspirations, but balanced the rising costs of living such as personnel cost of living rises, utilities, fuel and insurances.

Fortunately, prudent management of previous budgets stood us in good stead. The financial uncertainty that many of our residents’ face has been at the forefront of our minds as we set this year’s precept. At the Full Council meeting on 25th January 2022 the precept was agreed to be £98.88 per year which is an increase of £4.37 per year for a Band D property.”

The Parish Council hopes that residents recognise the value for money the precept of £98.88 per year represents, and the services this offers to all sectors of the community it represents. Through the expansion of service provision, increased community and youth development programmes, continued enhancement of the play parks and open spaces the Council continues to serve and develop the community.

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