Annual Parish Council Allotment Competition Results Announced

Annual Parish Council Allotment Competition Results Announced 1900 1200 Caroline Hunt


Let’s all wish our very gifted, wonderful allotment plot holders a huge congratulations for their placement:

?Rose Walk:

?Mr Titcombe

?Mrs Nalini

?Mr Gurung


?Mr Lemon

?Mr Redford

?Mr Sheppard

?Ventnor Close:

?Mrs Lecappelain and overall Judges Choice ?️

?Mr Coombe

?Mrs Way

Prizes ?, presentations & winning pictures to follow

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Thyme Close Play Area

Local Artists & Decorators come together to add a touch of colour and bring some character back to Thyme Close Play Area

Local Artists & Decorators come together to add a touch of colour and bring some character back to Thyme Close Play Area 1900 1200 Caroline Hunt

The Council called out for artistic and creative volunteers to help recreate the much loved, unique, wooden play area nestled just off Thamesdown Drive. Due to several wooden creatures in the play area becoming faded and worn, the repainting required some skill and patience to restore the creatures and bring them back to life.

The project began on Friday 19th March 2021 whereby local artists Marilyn Trew and Jo Garton, braved the wet and windy weather to repaint the creatures. Marilyn said I was very happy to be invited to refurbish this lovely nature based play park. Myself and Jo Garton set to work on the Frog and Cricket bouncers and the Green Man Totem Pole. It didn’t take long before they looked great again and I received lots of compliments from users afterwards. That’s the beauty of being community artists!”. This is not the first time that Marilyn & Friends have helped the Parish Council with various projects, such as the Remembrance Day artwork for 2019 and 2020 and working on a map of Seven Fields which the Parish Council will be purchasing for the Seven Fields Conservation Group.

The redecoration project finished on Monday 23rd March 2021 with a team from Prime Handyman Services, a newly established company that began at the beginning of the pandemic. Understandably proud of the company’s achievements throughout the pandemic and growing from strength to strength, owner of the company Reg, advised that he wanted to give something back to his local community and saw this as a great opportunity. The team repainted the large snake and the crocodile see saw. Born and bred Swindonian Reg said “we were really happy to support our local community in this way. We have been delighted by the local support for our business, and this was a great opportunity for us to give back – and now we are looking to recruit within the local area too. We know how important it is to invest back into your local community”. Reg has kindly offered the company’s assistance in future projects and has loved working with the Parish Council.

The Play Area is now very vibrant with primary colours of green, red and yellow. The enhancement has been very well received by residents who have been contacting the Parish Council with their comments of appreciation. The Play Area will also benefit from a slide being installed next to the swing unit within the next couple of weeks. The slide due to be installed has been recycled from King George V Play Area following the recent resurfacing work.

Haydon Wick Parish Council delivers an accessible and vibrant play park make-over

Haydon Wick Parish Council delivers an accessible and vibrant play park make-over 1900 1200 Caroline Hunt

Building on the continued success of other play park refurbishments in Haydon Wick, local school children, Councillors and Parish Council staff were delighted to see the finished results of the King George V Play Area renovation.

In line with government guidance and with COVID safety measures in place, the energetic Meerkats Class from Haydon Wick Primary School had an enjoyable morning testing out the new bongo drums, the rain wheel, sensory panel and a basket swing. The little play park enthusiasts enjoyed half an hour of play time before being treated to refreshments by the Morrison’s Community Champion from the Haydon Wick store.

During specific areas of the project development, the Council worked closely with Benjamin’s Smile charity – a keen ambassador for accessible play who has been working with local parish councils and Justin Tomlinson MP to make play areas inclusive for all children. The park has also benefitted from extensive resurfacing, the installation of accessibility friendly play equipment and footpaths. Becky from Benjamin’s Smile, had this to say about the newly developed play area:

I am so delighted with the positive support which Haydon Wick Parish Council has shown since my first meeting with them. 

The adaptions made to KGV Park along with other projects I know the Council has planned are going to make such a significant difference to families who will benefit from better access and inclusive equipment at play parks.

My campaign is about raising awareness.  All children and young people deserve to be able to access parks and play equipment and quite simply be included. I am so thankful to Haydon Wick Parish Council for being so proactive and I can’t wait to take my son Benjamin to enjoy the park”.  

The Parish Council continues to create wonderful, accessible, and engaging areas for residents to benefit from. A highlight of 2020 was the £80,000.00 refurbishment of Haydonleigh Skate Park which is fully inclusive and includes striking street art from local artist  The Visual Drop and an innovative legal graffiti wall has been created with urban concrete tunnels for shelter. In late 2020 the Council planted over 5,000 bulbs with volunteers, which have now provided residents with cheerful spring colours across the parish as we approach the end of the 2021 national lock-down.

Looking ahead, a Covid-19 Memorial of cherry blossom trees is planned for the Parish – and will offer residents of all ages with a space to remember those that have lost their lives during the pandemic, honour key workers and reflect on shared experiences of this time. More updates on this exciting development and even more play area refurbishment plans are coming as the Council has committed another £132,500 to spend on improvements from April 2021.

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