Be A Smarter Parker- Safe Parking Campaign

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Haydon Wick Parish Council receives regular correspondence regarding unsafe parking and as such we are launching a local campaign alongside Swindon Borough Council and North Swindon Police to raise awareness of safer parking. The Highway Code states that you shouldn’t park your car even partially on the pavement unless roadside signs permit you to do so.

It is extremely frustrating if pedestrians, pushchairs, or wheelchairs cannot pass by a parked car due to parking on a pavement or at a dropped curb. Along with the inconvenience caused on foot, there have been incidents in the past, where emergency vehicles have not been able to gain access to properties.

Please join us in raising awareness around the parish. Feel free to print our poster and display it at your property or business. It will be displayed in notice boards around the parish.

Help keep Haydon Wick Parish a safe place to be.


Swindon Borough Council

Swindon Borough Council 1900 1200 Caroline Hunt

The Council is holding a seven week formal period of consultation on the revised Draft Local Plan 2036 from Thursday, 29 July until Thursday, 16 September 2021 at 5.00pm.

Local Plan Submission Revised Draft Plan: Local Plan review | Swindon Local Plan | Swindon Borough Council

Swindon Borough Local Plan Revised Pre-Submission Draft (Regulation 19)

This is the final opportunity for you to have your say on the legal compliance and soundness of the Local Plan before it is submitted to the Government for examination by an independent Planning Inspector. Representations made during this consultation period will be sent to the Planning Inspector for consideration through the examination process.

Swindon Borough Council wants your views on whether the Plan is legally compliant, sound and complies with the duty to co-operate. The definition of soundness is set out in the National Planning Policy Framework. The Pre-Submission Local Plan must be:

  • Justified: Is the Local Plan an appropriate development strategy, based on a proportionate, logical and credible evidence base?
  • Effective: Can the Local Plan deliver what it sets out to do, and with the agreement of neighbouring authorities?
  • Positively prepared: Will the Local Plan meet the area’s objectively assessed needs as a minimum, and show that homes, jobs, services, and infrastructure, can be sustainably delivered?
  • Consistent with National Policy: Does the Local Plan accord with the National Planning Policy Framework?

The Plan and associated documents including the Sustainability Appraisal, are available to view and download from the event.  Guidance has been prepared to help you complete the representation form.

The preferred method for response is through the online consultation portal (here). Alternatively by:

e-mail to

or post to: Swindon Borough Council Planning Policy, 5th Floor, Wat Tyler House, Beckhampton Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH.

Comments are invited during the consultation period, which runs from Thursday 29 July 2021 until 5pm on Thursday 16 September 2021.

The consultation documents can also be viewed during normal opening hours at:
Swindon Borough Council reception, Wat Tyler House, Beckhampton Street, Swindon; and
Central Library, Highworth Library, North Swindon Library, Parks Library, West Swindon Library, and Wroughton library.

Submitted comments will not be made visible on the portal until after the consultation is closed.
Comments will be accepted as valid unless they are defamatory, discriminatory or offensive in their nature.

How to comment

To add a comment to a particular policy or section click the ‘Add Comments’ button on the right of the page to open up a form to complete. You will be asked to register or login when providing us with your comments and to do this, please click ‘Login/Register’ at the top of this page.

For your comments to be taken as a formal submission you are required to state your name and address. In line with the Data Protection Act 2018, Swindon Borough Council will treat and protect your data in accordance with the Act. If you wish to withdraw or amend your personal data, you will need to contact Swindon Borough Council’s Planning Policy team either by email ( or in writing: Planning Policy, Swindon Borough Council, SN1 2JH. For further information on how your data is handled please visit

 Please note it is not possible for representations to be anonymous. Your comments and your name (and organisation/job title, if relevant), will be publicly available. Please see Terms & Conditions on the SBC website.

An update from Swindon Borough Council regarding upcoming road works ?

An update from Swindon Borough Council regarding upcoming road works ? 1034 727 Caroline Hunt
An update from Swindon Borough Council regarding upcoming road works ?:
? the Contractor, Ringway, will be working on behalf of Swindon Borough Council to undertake maintenance repairs along the footways at Coln Crescent
?the purpose of the scheme is to resurface the footway in order to increase the life span and to provide a safer and better surface for pedestrians.
?‍♀️works are provisionally programmed to commence from Thursday 19th August 2021 for 2 days between the hours of 08:00 and 17:00, however, on occasions they may over run slightly due to circumstances outside of their control such as plant breakdowns, if weather conditions are unfavourable, or occasionally we discover the need for additional repairs once the work has started.
?apologise for any inconvenience that these works may cause, but trust you will appreciate the necessity for these essential works to maintain Swindon’s highway network

Swindon Borough Council is seeking views on its updated Road Safety Strategy and we would welcome your comments

Swindon Borough Council is seeking views on its updated Road Safety Strategy and we would welcome your comments 1900 1200 Caroline Hunt

The Council’s last road safety strategy – The Strategic Plan for Accident Reduction – was approved in 2010 and with changes in national guidance and best practice and the slowing of progress in road casualty reductions it is timely that the Council’s approach to road safety be updated.

Swindon’s Road Safety Strategy is intended as an interim 2-year strategy and seeks to introduce a Safe Systems approach to how the Council will achieve further reductions in the number of casualties injured in road traffic collisions on Swindon’s roads.

Key to the adoption of a Safe Systems approach to road safety is having the wider community at its core. So as representative of a valued stakeholder to the Council’s road safety activities we are keen to understand the views on this new approach and the Strategy’s proposed vision and objectives.

The Safe Systems approach to road safety is based on 5 pillars, one of which is Safe Speeds. In line with the updated draft interim road safety strategy, the Council is also proposing a new draft policy on 20mph schemes. This proposes a change in the local approach to allow a greater priority to be given to the introduction of 20mph schemes on residential streets where there is a high volume of use by vulnerable road users.

Your comments will be used to better understand the wider views on a safe systems approach to road safety and will help to inform development of a longer-term strategy for road safety through the Wiltshire & Swindon Road Safety Partnership. Comments on the draft 20mph Schemes policy will also be considered in finalising the draft documents for presentation for adoption by Cabinet later in the year.

Copies of the relevant documents are available on the Council website here with a link to a short survey to capture your feedback.

Comments must be submitted by 5pm Friday 27th August 2021.


Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to this consultation.

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