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Haydon Wick Parish Council empowers a speedy crime tackling solution for local PCSO team

Haydon Wick Parish Council empowers a speedy crime tackling solution for local PCSO team 1200 1200 Haydon Wick

Haydon Wick Parish Council is proud to announce that as part of their Community Grant Giving scheme, the Wiltshire Police North Neighbourhood Policing Team will be benefitting from two new electric bikes. The patrol bike is less expensive than a patrol car or motorcycle yet nimble, quiet and community friendly. Chairman Vinay Manro said that:

‘Haydon Wick Parish Council was delighted to fund these new electric bikes for the Wiltshire Police North Neighbourhood Policing Team and contribute towards the safety and increased police presence within our community’.

To help alleviate the cost of the electric bikes whilst still offering an enhanced service to local residents, the Parish Council teamed-up with neighbouring Blunsdon Parish Council to share the cost of the second bike for the patrol team. Chairman Ian Jankinson, Blunsdon Parish Council said:

‘Blunsdon Parish Council was pleased to contribute to the new e-bikes for our neighbourhood police. Any way we can help to keep our Parish safer has got to be worth the investment. Thank you for the work you do to keep Blunsdon safe.’

Haydon Wick Parish Council annually allocated a Community Grants budget to provide financial assistance to a wide range of organisations, projects and activities which provide services for its residents. It is hoped that the grant received by the Neighbourhood Policing Team will provide a range of benefits, which include high visibility cycle patrols throughout the Parish to help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour. The bikes will allow officers to cover more areas of the Parish in a shorter time frame and allow access to harder-to-reach locations such as play parks, whilst being kind to our environment. The electric bikes will also enable officers to maintain pace with illegally motorised scooters to help tackle and prevent anti-social behaviours from occurring. PCSO Lee Hare had this to say regarding the bike donation:

‘We are truly grateful to both parishes for purchasing the two new electric bicycles for us. These bicycles have already given us the opportunity to cover over 300 miles and allowed the old bikes to be used by other officers to cover more ground around North Swindon and beyond. With the new modern bikes we are able to stay out on the streets longer and cover larger areas without the need to return to charge batteries. This in turn allows us to provide a longer visible presence, engage with the community and prevent crime and the fear of crime’.

Haydon Wick Parish Council hopes that the faster response times, shorter pursuits, expanded patrol range and importantly, enhanced community engagement and service will benefit the residents of the community for years to come.

L-R: PCSO Kate Jackson, PCSO Lee Hare

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