Craig Duff

Craig Duff 512 512 Haydon Wick

As a resident of the Parish, it’s great to see some of the work you guys are doing in the community. Keep the good work up!

Phil Jefferies

Phil Jefferies 512 512 Haydon Wick

As a volunteer litter picker, I have seen, first hand, the tremendous work that the Parish Council of Haydon Wick do to make living in the area such a pleasure.

They have also been a key partner and supporter in the introduction of Swindon’s second parkrun within the area, and I am proud to be involved with them on this project.

Marilyn Trew

Marilyn Trew 512 512 Haydon Wick

I have really enjoyed working with Haydon Wick Parish Council in the last few years, and I have found them to be very community orientated, and they truly take care for their parishioners, whatever age.

One of the community art work projects I was involved with was the 100 year anniversary WW1 external building hoarding art works. The project created a very positive reaction, especially on social media. This year I also completed a banner for Remembrance Day, that became part of a Parish Council exhibition. I often wish I lived in the Parish when I see the pensioner presents lined up at Christmas. Well done everyone, you are a credit to the Parish!


Audrey 512 512 Haydon Wick

To everyone at Haydon Wick Parish Council, I would like to thank you for the Christmas Parcel which, as always, was full of useful items. Also, an opportunity to thank you for organising volunteers for those of us shielding during lockdown. I was immensely grateful to have hospital prescriptions delivered to the pharmacy and to have letters and cards taken to the post box. My request for help was always dealt with quickly, with cheerfulness and, on one occasion in very heavy rain! Haydon Wick is a lovely place to live.


Ann 512 512 Haydon Wick

This morning I had my lovely Christmas Parcel delivered by one of your hard working volunteers, I am writing to say a BIG thank you to everyone for your generosity and hard work which has gone into this enormous project. It was very much appreciated and I will enjoy all of the lovely Christmas ‘goodies’ in my parcel during the Christmas break.


Jan 512 512 Haydon Wick

To all at Haydon Wick Council. I was 71 on Monday 7th December, and on Wednesday 9th December I received my first Christmas Hamper from you. I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ and also how much it was appreciated. It’s packed with lovely food items which will be very useful.

Lilian Spencer

Lilian Spencer 512 512 Haydon Wick

Please thank all of the people who helped with my Christmas Food Gift. It was lovely, and I can’t think what else you can put in it to make it any better. So, thank you. When my Mum moved into Greenmeadow in the 70s, she had a Christmas Gift Parcel from Haydon Wick Parish Council. It was potatoes, onions and other vegetables to make a meal. She was so thrilled that someone had thought of her. So, thank you again.

Sandra Graver

Sandra Graver 512 512 Haydon Wick

Working with the Parish Council has been an absolute pleasure.

Picking the winner for the Children’s Christmas Card Competition was the hardest because they were all brilliant!! After much deliberation I did finally manage to choose one. My favourite project was the bulb planting volunteering event with some of the grounds team, who were an absolute joy to work with. Thank you so much for asking me to join you.


Banjo 512 512 Haydon Wick

We have been working with Haydon Wick Parish Council for the past six years where they have graciously provided us with two halls which we use for our church services and other events.

During this time, we have enjoyed a fantastic relationship and see first-hand their passion to serve the community through initiatives such as the Christmas Parcel Outreach, among others.

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