Memory Cafe

Ian and Lorraine

Ian and Lorraine 150 150 Haydon Wick

We were recommended to come by the Wyvern Café, and we’ve had a wonderful time, and we will be back next time.


Patsy 150 150 Haydon Wick

What a great morning.


Colin 150 150 Haydon Wick

I enjoy the café, and the staff are very caring and approachable.

Mrs Binding

Mrs Binding 150 150 Haydon Wick

I live on my own and have carers visit . Coming to the café is lovely, I meet people and I enjoy the activities and exercise classes.

John and Sheila

John and Sheila 150 150 Haydon Wick

Thank you for this morning , John said he really enjoyed the café and so did I. The people running the café are lovely.


Chris 150 150 Haydon Wick

Absolutely lovely people in the café.

Mrs Carter

Mrs Carter 150 150 Haydon Wick

My husband has a straight face a lot of the time but when we leave, he is laughing and smiling which I don’t see very often anymore.


Margaret 150 150 Haydon Wick

I find the memory café friendly; I think it’s helping my memory.

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