The Herbert Protocol – Safe & Found

The Herbert Protocol – Safe & Found

The Herbert Protocol – Safe & Found 150 150 Haydon Wick Admin

If you are worried about an adult at risk of going out and forgetting their way home, help is at hand.

This information is intended to assist family, friends, care workers, Telecare providers, responders and the police if the person goes missing.

Please complete this booklet and keep it in a safe place. If possible please also complete and save the electronic version of the form, available to download at:

The booklet contains a lot of questions – do not worry if you don’t have, or cannot get, all of the information it asks for – some of it won’t apply to everyone. There are sections intended for professional carers; please don’t worry if you do not understand what they mean. Please save this booklet – either in electronic format or handwritten – in a place where it can easily be found if the person it refers to goes missing. It may need to be located quickly, at any time, day or night, by the police who may need the information to begin the initial searches.

The police will only ever ask for the form if the person is reported missing.

Thank you for taking the time to complete it. It could help to save someone’s life.



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