Allotment Sites

The Council is responsible for three allotment sites, namely, Rose Walk (Site 1) and Goodearl (Site 2) on Old Blunsdon Road, Haydon Wick and Ventnor Close, off Shanklin Road, Moredon.

There is currently a waiting list for an allotment plot. Where possible, any large plots given back to the Council are split in to 2 or 3 to help ease the waiting list and to ensure the plots given are manageable and fully cultivated. The rent years run October to September, so the best time to reallocate vacant plots is before the turn of the new growing season and rent year.

If you live within the parish and would like to add your name to the waiting list, please complete the form below. The Council also has plans to create an allotment site on land it owns in Tadpole Lane, Oakhurst. There is a waiting list for this site, although there are no specific plans or timescales yet.

Allotment Prices:


Plot Size

Plot Rate

Concession Rate

Rose Walk (Site 1)

Full plot approx. 160-190sqm



Rose Walk (Site 1)

1/2 plot approx. 80-110 sqm



Rose Walk (Site 1)

1/4 plot approx. 40 sqm



Goodearl Site (Site 2)

Full plot approx. 96 sqm



Goodearl Site (Site 2)

3/4 plot approx. 75-82 sqm



Goodearl Site (Site 2)

1/2 plot approx. 50 sqm



Goodearl Site (Site 2)

1/4 plot approx. 30-40 sqm



Ventnor Close (Site 3)

1/2 plot approx. 125 sqm



Ventnor Close (Site 3)

1/4 plot approx. 80 sqm



If you would like to apply for an allotment please complete the following form:

Allotment Allocation

Annual Allotment Competition

In July 2020, the Council hosted its first Allotment Competition which awarded three plot holders from each of our sites with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. One also received the Judges’ Choice award for its display of colourful flowers and visual appearance. The prizes were vouchers for Manor Garden Centre, who also donated goodies, such as plant pots, solar lights and seeds, to bulk up our prizes. Our thanks to them!

The Allotment Competition is set to run in 2021 and details will be announced nearer the time.

An annual plot holders meeting takes place in October. Plot holders come together to discuss any issues at the sites, any ideas and to share tips on gardening. The Council also provides the costs for the running of the sites that financial year and any upcoming spends. To view the minutes from 2019/2020 click here (link to file) and the content for the virtual meeting held recently for 2020/2021 is below.

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