Community Choices

As a member of our community, we would like you to select one of the Community Projects listed below to be delivered in 2021/2022.

Please ensure you have voted by Monday 2nd August 2021:

1. Youth Project

To employ a youth worker to develop and increase youth services and activities within the Parish.

2. Dementia Café

To make Haydon Wick a Dementia Friendly Community through the development of extended Dementia Café services and community spaces.

3. Remembrance / Memorial Services

To commission a local artist to create a World War memorial sculpture to be positioned at the Haydon Wick Parish Office.

4. Arts & Cultural Event

To hold a Winter Wonderland Community Christmas Fair to celebrate Haydon Wick.

5. Community Festival

To hold a community wellbeing event promoting local businesses and healthy lifestyle options.

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