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We believe that involving residents in decisions which affect their lives is a means to develop and empower a strong community and whilst we can’t force people to engage, but will do our best to make it easy and attractive for people to do so. When we want people’s views on a project, we will consult the community. Our ‘open’ (whole community) consultations will always run for at least six weeks and we will avoid running them over school summer holidays, Easter and Christmas.

Any consultations we run will be hosted here and we will always post a consultation report after each consultation.

Your Community Matters

Have Your Say

Haydon Wick Parish Council works hard to provide local services to the community. Residents pay for the services, activities and facilities we provide. We believe it is important that you have a chance to tell us how you think we are doing and what we need to do better in the future.

Your feedback will help us improve what we do and focus on the things that matter most to local people.

Vinay Manro
Chair of Haydon Wick Parish Council

Complete The Survey

Haydon Wick Parish Council is reviewing its local priorities and it wants to know your views. You pay for everything we do and it is important that we reflect your wishes and address your concerns.

To do this, we are launching an important survey for everyone who lives or works in Haydon Wick. We are committed to focussing on issues that are important to the entire community, but we need you to tell us what these priorities are. What do you value most about your local community? What things do we need to improve?

We have produced a questionnaire which is available online and in paper format for those without internet access. It is easier and more environmentally friendly if you complete the survey online – see the panel opposite for ways that you can access the online survey. It’s simple and will only take 5 minutes to complete.

We don’t want anyone to be left out and we know that online surveys are not suitable for everyone, so printed copies are available. To save paper, we are not sending them to every household, but you can pick up a copy at local collection points, where you can also drop off your completed form. To be directed to your nearest collection point, please call us.

If you cannot collect a questionnaire, please call us and we will post one to your address, or pop one round to you.

Every single response is confidential – all data is anonymous. If you do want to sign up to receive a copy of the results or get involved in the next steps then we can do that, but only with your agreement.

Community Choices

Have you ever thought of a great project or community activity you would like to see delivered in Haydon Wick?

Last year, our community voted for increased youth services. Do you have something you would like to see developed for this year? We are asking our residents to put forward community project ideas for delivering in the 2022/2023 financial year. We have a budget of £12,000 for the project. Well, let us know by emailing your ideas to:

Draft electric vehicle chargepoint strategy

Swindon Borough Council has prepared a draft Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Strategy and are now seeking views on the proposals identified to expand the network across the Borough to 2030.

The strategy represents a long-term, strategic approach to meet the infrastructure required under the Government’s ambitions to phase out the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. The action plan outlines the first steps through this roadmap, which will be reviewed every three years to take account of the latest technology, funding opportunities and demand.

Haydon Wick Parish Council submitted a formal representation to the Consultation. Click here to readEVCP-Public-Consultation-Survey-final.pdf

Local cycling and walking infrastructure plan

Swindon Borough Council are seeking views on the draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP).

The plan sets out the scheme proposals to improve and increase usage of the network for cyclists and walkers across the borough for the next ten years.

LCWIPs represent the new long-term strategic approach being promoted by the Government to determine the walking and cycling infrastructure which is required across a defined area.

Haydon Wick Parish Council submitted a formal representation to the Consultation. Click here to read: LCWIP-Public-Consultation-Survey-Final.pdf

Local Transport Plan refresh consultation

Swindon Borough Council is seeking views on the refreshed Local Transport Plan for Swindon.

The Local Transport Plan (LTP) is a statutory document. It is the principal means by which the Council delivers its transport policies and projects.

Swindon’s third LTP was published in 2011 setting out the Council’s forward looking policies for the years to 2026. There is a recognition that the local and national context has changed significantly in that time and that the document requires a refresh to establish the impact of these changes and to support the adoption of a revised Local Plan through to 2036.

Haydon Wick Parish Council submitted a formal representation to the Consultation. Click here to read: Local-Transport-Consultation-survey-HWPC-Response.pdf

Local Plan Review

The revised Draft Local Plan Review 2036 sets out the development strategy and policy framework for Swindon and once adopted, will be used to guide decisions on planning applications up to 2036.  It proposes a range of strategies, including site allocations, to provide sufficient housing, employment and town centre sites to meet the Borough’s future needs. It also includes draft development management policies to guide decision making on the quality of planning applications submitted to the Council.

Haydon Wick Parish Council submitted a formal representation to the Consultation. Click here to read: SBC-Local-Transport-Consultation-survey-HWPC-Response.pdf

Skate Park

We want to understand how our community asset impact the lives of our residents. Understanding the needs of our residents and building data to show this helps us to apply for additional funding to enhance, maintain and deliver additional workshops to improve the use of these facilities. Please take a minute to complete this survey.

Shape The Community

Are you part of a local organisation or charity, and want to help shape your community? Take a few minutes to complete this survey, which will provide a valuable insight into our community needs moving forwards.

Dementia Café

Have your say, and let us know if you would like Haydon Wick to increase its support and the quality of life for individuals and their families within the community living with dementia.

Please take a minute to complete our survey, and have your say on shaping your community.

Find out about how we can help, call us on 01793 722446 or message us

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