Independent Renumeration Panel Notice 2021/2022

Independent Renumeration Panel Notice 2021/2022 150 150 Haydon Wick Admin

Haydon Wick Council Members’ Allowances 2021-2022

The Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) England Regulations 2003 state that:

Parish Councils may choose to pay their members an allowance, known as a ‘parish basic allowance’, to recognise the time and effort they put into their parish duties.  There is no obligation on the parish and town council to a pay such allowance. However, if a parish or town council wishes to pay such allowances, it should have regard to the recommendations from Swindon’s Independent Parish Remuneration Panel.

Swindon Borough Council appointed an Independent Remuneration Panel and they reviewed the issues of allowances for parish and town councils within Swindon.  The Panel has determined that it will use a formula (based on a percentage of the Borough Council’s Basic Allowance and electoral populations) to create a single recommendation in the form of a scale of allowances that can be applied to all parish and town councils in the Borough.  This scale is linked to any increase in Borough Council allowances which avoids the necessity of undertaking a review of parish allowances when the Borough Council’s levels of remuneration change.  The Panel last reviewed this formula at its meeting on 12 June 2015 in order to ensure its continuing relevance and appropriateness.  It concluded that the Panel’s previously adopted recommendations for parish and town council allowances be endorsed.

Recommendations for the 2021-2022 Municipal Year

Swindon’s Independent Remuneration Panel recommended Haydon Wick’s Councillor allowances for 21-22 be:

£1,757 Per Elected Member
£5,272 for the Chair
Cost approximately £35,141 per annum.


Haydon Wick Councillors are CURRENTLY paid:

£884 Per Elected Member
£1,643 for the Chair
Cost approximately £16,674.46 per annum.

As such, if Haydon Wick adopted SBC’s recommended allowance scheme this would represent an increase of 116.10%.


Haydon Wick’s Renumeration Decision

In August 2019 Haydon Wick’s Parish Councillor considered the Independent Remuneration Panel’s recommendations and unanimously agreed to decline SBC’s recommendations in favour of retaining their existing arrangement which is for any increase to be consistent with its own staff pay increases. The Council decided at the Full Council meeting on 22nd September 2020 that the decision remains the same as last year, to decline SBC’s recommendations.



During Full Council on Tuesday 22 September, Members resolved to accept the recommendation of the IT/Website Working Party and to award the contract to Clearwater Traditional Marketing Limited. Members also agreed to give delegated authority to the Working Party to develop the new branding templates and concepts. Members received a report from the IT/Website Working Party (Councillors Callen, Manro, Ross, Community Development Officer and Clerk) that detailed the extensive scoring exercise the working party undertook for each of the six ITT (invitation to tender) responses. The working party explained the proposed company had demonstrated the following:

– strong skills and understanding of the template approach

– provided excellent case studies and references

– an open and honest approach to using WordPress and add-ons

– delivery approach is transparent

– the timescales were well explained

– they had addressed Council’s specific needs in section 12 of the Invitation to Tender to include infographics and rebranding requirements

– the cost was within the allocated budget with added value from ongoing support and recommending PayPal as a secure payment portal.

Annual Governance Accountability Return – Section 3 (External Audit Report)

Annual Governance Accountability Return – Section 3 (External Audit Report) 150 150 Haydon Wick Admin

In accordance with Section 6 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 and with Haydon Wick Parish Council being classified as a smaller authority (where the higher of gross income or gross expenditure was over £25,000), it is a requirement that we complete Part 3 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR). The AGAR gives the opportunity for electors and local taxpayers to see the Council’s accounting statements and governance arrangements which is then submitted to the appointed external auditor for their approval. The  Notice to view these statements and arrangements was published with a commencement date of Monday 15th June, ending on Friday 24th July.  Following approval by Full Council on 19 May 2020, the AGAR was submitted to the appointed external auditor for approval, in advance of the 31st July deadline.

As reported to Full Council on Tuesday 22nd September 2020, Haydon Wick Parish Council has received Section 3 approved by the external auditor which confirms that it has successfully completed the Annual Governance and Accountability Return for the financial year 2019-20.

Click here to view: Section 3 – AGAR External Auditor Report & Certificate 2019_20

Public consultation on the Swindon Railway Conservation Area Appraisal & Management Plan

Public consultation on the Swindon Railway Conservation Area Appraisal & Management Plan 150 150 Haydon Wick Admin

Public consultation starting 21st September, on the Swindon Railway Conservation Area Appraisal & Management Plan (CAAMP).

Earlier this year heritage consultants Purcell completed a review of the Railway Village and Works Conservation Areas.  Having completed their research and consultation Purcell have produced a draft planning document ‘the Swindon Railway Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan’ (CAAMP) and we would like to hear your views


This document sets out the vision for the future of Swindon’s Railway Conservation Area and a framework to guide change as required by the Planning and Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas Act 1990.  It will be used to:

•             Raise awareness and inform people about Swindon’s railway history

•             Help preserve and enhance the special architectural or historic interest of the area

•             Guide new development within or affecting the area through the planning process


It recommends that:

•             the 2 separate conservation areas be merged into one which we propose to rename the ‘Swindon Railway Conservation Area’

•             the boundary of the conservation area be extended to include:

o             along Station Road and the area around the station

o             The southern side of Faringdon Road between Fleet Street and Milton Rd

o             The Health Hydro block

o             The Pattern Store site and adjacent carpark (Designer Outlet West)


This public consultation will run for 6 weeks from Monday 21st September to Monday 2nd November 2020


How to get involved

You can view the draft CAAMP on the Consultations webpage on SBC website at: along with a map showing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ boundaries of the Conservation Area(s).

Hard copies of the draft CAAMP will be made available at Swindon Central Library for reference during the consultation period. Please note that access will be subject to Swindon Libraries’ COVID-19 restrictions, and may be through a pre-booking appointment system.


Comments should be marked ‘FAO CA Review Comments’ and emailed to


Next steps

Following final amendments to the document in response to any comments received during the consultation, we will seek approval from the Council to adopt the final draft CAAMP as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).


Useful information

Historic England information on Conservation Areas:


The existing Railway Village and Railway Works conservation area appraisals are available here:


This project was funded through the Swindon Heritage Action Zone.  To find out more go to:


Privacy Notice

Personal information provided will be used for the purpose of correspondence regarding the Railway Conservation Areas Review Only in line with the Planning Policy Privacy Notice held here:



Whitworth Road to be partially closed

Whitworth Road to be partially closed 150 150 Haydon Wick Admin

Whitworth Road to be partially closed as Moonrakers improvement work progresses

A short section of Whitworth Road is due to be closed for an initial period of three weeks as part of the £2.8m improvements at the Moonrakers junction in Stratton.

The closure, which will come into effect from next Monday (14 Sep), is needed to give contractors, Alun Griffiths Ltd, the required space to progress with the next stage of the work and will help to reduce the overall length of the scheme. The closure could be extended if required.

In recent weeks progress has been made to remove the kerbs outside Clive Parade, to allow the contractor to widen the road. This initial work will eventually allow the contractor to build a dedicated left turn into Whitworth Road.

The silver birch trees that were originally in large pots alongside Cricklade Road have also been replanted at Hreod Burna Urban Forest.

Temporary traffic measures in place during the work, which were causing congestion in the local area, have been improved to allow for better traffic flow.

The contractors have also started work to temporarily increase capacity on Beechcroft Road from one lane to two, to allow additional vehicles to pass through the traffic lights and help reduce queuing.

During the partial road closure, the timings of the temporary traffic lights will be adjusted to minimise queueing traffic.

Following resident feedback, water blocks are due to be put in place on Bradley Road and Okus Grove to prevent people using the residential streets as a cut through.

When complete, the improvement work, which is being funded by the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership’s (LEP) Local Growth Fund, will benefit all road users who can expect to see shorter and more reliable journey times, as well as reduced queuing.

Bus users will also benefit from improved bus services between North Swindon and the Town Centre.

The scheme is due for completion in spring 2021.

Councillor Maureen Penny, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, Maintenance and Waste Services, said: “I am pleased to say the important improvement scheme at the Moonrakers junction is progressing well.

“It is vital we carry out this work to future-proof Swindon’s road network. Once complete, this junction will provide considerable benefits for all road users.

“I do understand that road works will cause issues for motorists, residents and businesses, but I would like to thank everyone for bearing with us. The long-term gain will be well worth the short-term disruption.

“I would also really encourage residents to be considerate of other road users and residents in the area. We have seen some very poor driving and rat running to avoid the roadworks, which isn’t acceptable and could cause accidents, as well as disruption for residents living in those areas.”

Residents can stay up to date with the progress of the scheme by signing up to the monthly Moonrakers newsletter:

Haydon Wick Skatepark – now open to show us your best airwalk and pop shove-it skills!

Haydon Wick Skatepark – now open to show us your best airwalk and pop shove-it skills! 150 150 Haydon Wick Admin

The newly refurbished Haydon Wick Skatepark opened to eagerly awaiting users and the community this week on Tuesday 1 September 2020 at 3pm. Skaters and scooters of all ages joined the Haydon Wick Parish Council employees and Councillors to showcase their Airwalk, Flip and Pop Shove-It moves. The Council is delighted with the positive community response, and Councillor Ellen Baker Lee, has said:

“It was great to see such a diverse group of young people enjoying the skate park. I was particularly struck by seeing the older skaters helping and encouraging the younger ones”.

The Council’s Parks & Projects Team started dismantling the previous skate park equipment at the end of May and the installation of the new skate park equipment continued in late June by overcoming COVID related delays and obstacles. Vice Chairman to the Council, Councillor Vinay Manro commented:

“From the initial consultation with our stake park users to the final design back in September 2019 to the finished skate park, hundreds of hours have gone into getting the skatepark ready as it is today. We have been pleased to see so many people using it on skate boards, scooters and bikes. This represents a significant investment into the new facility and we hope all users respect it and the surrounding area so it remains available for all to use for years to come”.

The new skate park is designed in such a way that it can be used with skateboards, scooters, bikes and wheelchairs and to suit a range of ages and abilities. Councillor Richard Hailstone, Chairman of the Amenities & Leisure Committee, has said:

“This project has been the result of a great team effort, and we hope that the new skatepark development will provide our community with a fun and exciting form of outdoor activity for everyone to enjoy for many, many years to come”.

The Council is chuffed with the community’s positive reaction to the completion of the project, and has exciting plans for future which include graffiti artist workshops, skateboarding workshops and competitions. It hopes to increase the community use of the facility with further development with local schools and specific user groups. Future installation of CCTV and solar powered lighting are being planned to help increase the hours of use during the darker winter months and to reduce any anti-social behaviour.

New Vacancy – Head of Parks & Open Spaces

New Vacancy – Head of Parks & Open Spaces 150 150 Haydon Wick Admin

Haydon Wick Parish Council has a vacancy for a Head of Parks & Open Spaces 

SCP Range Grade 22-27: £27,041-£31,346
37 hours per week (Monday – Friday with occasional weekends and evenings)

Download the Job Description & Person Specification

Haydon Wick Parish Council in North Swindon is looking for highly motivated manager to oversee the Council’s Parks & Open Spaces service delivery. The successful candidate will work alongside the Chief Officer/Clerk to Council to deliver an enhanced Parks & Open Spaces service for the local community.

The Parks & Open Spaces Team service delivery has a team of nine staff currently with a budget of approximately £500k. The team is sub divided into three divisions; the Play and Parks Team, the Grass & Hedges Team and the Tidy Up Team, all of whom will report directly to the Head of Parks and Open Spaces. 

Services range from:

  • grass and hedge/shrub cutting
  • tree maintenance and management
  • maintenance of areas in Mouldon Hill and Seven Fields
  • wildflower and biodiversity projects
  • continual development of 24 play parks (including a brand new skatepark)
  • emptying 150+ litter bins
  • graffiti and fly tipping removal
  • managing three Leisure Garden/Allotment sites.

The successful candidate will have a key role in helping to develop the future of the service provision in the parish. A priority project will be to help locate and develop a new Depot/Works Yard for the team.  They will work closely with the Clerk and the Council to deliver this within the first 12-18 months of being in post. You will be accountable to the Clerk for the quality, success and development of the service, and as such, must have a genuine enthusiasm for the profession.

A full and clean driving licence is essential, and you may be required to pass medical and other background recruitment checks.

Applications and further information to  The recruitment process will be Covid-19 safe.

Swindon North Community Policing Team Update

Swindon North Community Policing Team Update 150 150 Haydon Wick Admin

The latest Parish briefing by Wiltshire Police – Swindon Community Police Team is available to view.

See below for the latest news, performance review and local priorities. You can keep up to date with the latest news in your area by signing up to our Community Messaging service –

Swindon Community Police Team Update

Website Design, Development & Rebrand ITT Clarifications

Website Design, Development & Rebrand ITT Clarifications 150 150 Haydon Wick Admin

For responses to all clarification questions relating to the Website, Development & Rebrand ITT, please visit the Contracts and Tender page under the ‘Your Council’ tab on the homepage.

Next deadline for grant applications – 30 September 2020

Next deadline for grant applications – 30 September 2020 150 150 Haydon Wick Admin

Look under Your Council, Grants & Support on the website for more information and an application form

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