Clarification Q&A published – Invitations to Tender – Refurbishment of Play Areas

Clarification Q&A published – Invitations to Tender – Refurbishment of Play Areas

Clarification Q&A published – Invitations to Tender – Refurbishment of Play Areas 1900 1200 Caroline Hunt

Clarification Questions (updated 18.06.2021):

What material would be preferable with in the design of the park?
Steel is preferred which is more durable and vandal proof. Timber would be considered in the right design but steel is preferred.

What colour wetpour would you like along the edge that is being repaired in Luna play area?
Any thing that you feel that fits in with the park. This is a chance for the supplier to be innovative, such as mixing colours or graphics along the edge.

Any possibility of an extension to the deadlines, with a view to the project date being mid-October?
Unfortunately, the Council cannot extend the deadlines for this tender and would encourage the project start date to be as described on the tender or as soon as practicably possible afterwards if the bid is successful and there is valid reasons as to why the preferred date is not achievable.

The ITT gives a project start date of 23rd August, many lead times are currently into September already. Does the Parish Council have a deadline to work to as this an August start date is not achievable for us.
Possibly a September start date but no later, as closest to the project start date is required due to other deadlines and projects we have this year. If there is sound reason for the project date to be delayed slightly then this will be considered during the scrutiny of the tenders.

Do we need to include the cost of an RPII post installation inspection?
Yes please.

It was suggested that the available budget may flex between sites, is this feasible as would only work if the same company won both tenders, or are we to treat each site entirely separately?
If there is budget savings for using the same company for both sites they need to be listed please so again this can be scrutinised and factored in to why it would be a benefit to use yourselves if successful for this tender. We would still like each play area to be different and have an innovative approach.

Point 2.3 of the Gaynor ITT references games on the footpath, I believe from my site visit that this applies to Luna Close and not Gaynor, please confirm.
Apologies, yes the same document was used and amended for each site its possible that the footpath games had not been redacted upon the final draft.

Will you circulate any relevant clarifications via Contracts Finder or email?
The questions/answers are listed on the Parish Council’s website – these questions will also be uploaded.

Would you like the cost of the old equipment to be removed within the bid at Luna Close?
Please price up for the removal of the small unit, tyre swing small shelter and remove the supper Nova in one piece as we like to reuse it elsewhere. The large tumbler swing is staying.

If needed, could we extend wet pour surface into the pathway in Luna to be able to fit the accessible roundabout?
We preferred not to but if needed in your design, then it will have to go all the way round to the other gate so to fit with the rest.

Would you consider rubber mulch in the bark area at Gaynor Close?
Wet pour rubber granules was the idea to follow in from the original surface.  The Council is open to options in the design as long as it fits with surface already there.

What edge would be put between the new surface and the rest of the bark area due to a possible drop?
This is a chance for the contractor to be innovative. Suggestions received of barriers or even a line of sensory play panels. Perhaps the drop could incorporate a rubber mulch slope.


Haydon Wick Parish Council has two Invitations to Tender (ITT) currently available for bid submissions. Both ITT’s are for the refurbishment of play areas. Please click on the links below for more details and documents to download. If you require these documents in another format or if you have any queries, please contact: 

Invitation to Tender: Refurbishment of Luna Play Area

Invitation to Tender: Refurbishment of Gaynor Close Play Area


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