Enabling and serving our community

Enabling and serving our community

Enabling and serving our community 1900 1200 Caroline Hunt

The Parish Council has a community grants budget which is used to help support local charities and voluntary groups each year with funding to enable them to carry out projects and activities for the benefit of local residents.  Our Grants Working Party meets three times a year to consider applications and so far this year we have proudly awarded over £6,324.00 to the following groups: BEST (Be A Better You), Wiltshire Police North Neighbourhood Policing Team, Friends of TWIGS and Wiltshire Search & Rescue.

A spokesperson for the Parish Council said:

“The parish council is committed to developing the community with its grants scheme. This year we set aside £9,000 to give to various community groups and in this round, we were pleased to support TWIGs, Wiltshire Police North Neighbourhood Policing Team and Wiltshire Search & Rescue by giving a combined total of £3,874.00. Our funds will help these fantastic community groups to deliver their services to many.

Liza Lishman, Friends of TWIGS said “We are extremely grateful to Haydon Wick Parish Council for helping Friends of Twigs to supply basic art kits for people on the Art Therapy courses at TWIGS (Therapeutic Work In Gardening in Swindon).  These courses give people a safe space to explore their emotions and to reflect on the stresses in their lives – be they caring responsibilities or the effect of the pandemic on their mental health.  Participants have time to focus on their wellbeing and to try out new art techniques, many of them inspired by the gardens and natural world around them.”

‘Art is a healthy outlet and slows the “washing machine head”.’ TWIGS attendee.

Sun prints created by a group, TWIGS.

If you would like to consider applying for a grant for your organisation, project, or an upcoming event/activity there are several ways to gain more information and get an application form:

Would your community group benefit from a grant?  Apply before the Monday 31 January 2022.

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